BlurayhddvdBlu-Ray and HD-DVDs are a bit on the pricey side, there’s no question about that.  And because people do spend good money for these movies, many of them want to be able to make a back-up copy should the disk go bad. Soon, copying the disks legally may be a reality.

The new concept under the agreement called “managed copy” would allow the consumers to create a few back-ups of their movies legally. As of now, the agreement needs approval by the big guys over at the film studios and film companies. Should they decide to give their stamp of approval though, I think we’ll be able to start saying good-bye to DRM in the movie industry.

Now of course, this will open up the door for pirating and making use of the managed copy concept to profit illegally, but according to the AACS LA (Advanced Access Content System), they believe that “movie studios will see higher sales with the managed copy option, even with the chance it could be abused.”

If people want to pirate movies, they will find a way to do it with or without this new concept. I think it’s about time that consumers, just as with music, are able to do whatever they please with the movies that they buy, including making a back-up copy, or a copy for their home media server.

Source: Yahoo! News