Mozilla Sunbird

I was just going over a post made by Mozilla’s Calendar team that listed a bunch of bugs that have been fixed since the last release. Back in January we listed some new features that would be found in the next version of both Sunbird (the stand-alone application) and Lightning (the Thunderbird add-on).

As I was sifting through the list of bugs nothing really caught my attention until I saw one with a mentioning of Google Calendar. My initial thought was that there was some sort of bug with reading Google Calendars, but then I noticed that the bug actually stated “Add read/write support for Google Calendar to Sunbird and Lightning”. Of course, this made me want to dig through the information currently available on the bug report which turned up this screenshot:

Mozilla Sunbird

I downloaded the latest pre-release version of Sunbird myself to see if that option was available, but from the looks of it there has been no implementation yet. I didn’t see any “Google Calendar” option when creating a new Calendar, and looking at the bug report even further makes me believe that this could be offered as an extension instead of a native feature.

There are currently some issues with the Google Calendar synchronization that I hope get fixed before the release. The first, and probably most important for me, is that this doesn’t support re-occurring appointments. Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning will just skip any appointments that are set as re-occurring. Also, this new feature will not sync alarms/reminders which is something that is less important for me because I would really only need my desktop application notifying me of upcoming events.

If you want to start syncing your offline calendar with Google Calendar right now, there are a few viable alternatives. The best one would be to use the newest release of CalGoo which features an interface that is much cleaner than before, and is extremely feature packed when it comes to interacting with your Google Calendar. Another option would be to use GCALDaemon to sync Mozilla Sunbird with Google Calendar, but it does take a little bit of extra work to get it up and running.

Guess we’ll have to stay tuned and see what the next release of Sunbird/Lightning brings to us, which should be between April 8th and April 14th.