AOL MailSoon AOL will be joining Yahoo on the list of web-based mail services that offer unlimited storage. Webware is reporting that in the coming weeks, we can expect both the unlimited storage as well as integrated chatting. The integrated chatting would make it easier for those who use AIM to chat with their contacts right from their mail, much like the integrated chat in Gmail. Surprisingly, AOL Mail remains the third most popular web-based mail service in the United States (behind Yahoo and Hotmail) and despite what some may think, it’s available to everybody (not just those using AOL’s dial-up service).

Additional updates will improve the service, make it more usable and easy to use, but also help it compete with the long list of competitors. Features will include:

  • RSS feeds
  • Attachment search capabilities
  • POP and IMAP compatibility

Hotmail and Gmail have yet to move to unlimited storage, although most of the population won’t ever need unlimited storage. It’s funny how 1GB of storage was an extremely generous offering when Gmail launched. Then 2GB of storage blew everybody away, but now it seems like nothing as other services move towards unlimited. I’m sure it won’t be long before we add another service to the “unlimited-storage” list. It’s turning into the place to be for web-based mail services.