When I think of YouTube, I certainly don’t picture it in the corporate scene, however, that’s where it’s heading. Google is transforming YouTube into a new “corporate” version that will be available to the thousands of businesses currently using Google Apps. According to Business Week, this new version could be used to “create videos for training and employee communications.”

Mashable pointed out some areas where this new corporate version would make sense:

  • Training newcomers
  • How-to videos for company procedures
  • “Face-to-face” interaction for instances when employees aren’t in the same facility

While I didn’t picture YouTube in a corporate setting, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Employees would be able to access these videos anywhere that they have a connection which gives businesses a new communication medium.

Next I’d like to see Google create an application for Google Apps that would make it easy for people to make their own videos. While it’s fairly simple as it stands, it could be easier.