Zoho, which is known for their web office suite has introduced Zoho notebook which is in pre-beta, and expected for release in March. Zoho has always done a lot of things “right” in terms of features and versatility.  Zoho Notebook is no exception.

In their announcement, Raju Vegesna says:

Zoho Notebook is an interesting application that is similar to your spiral bound notebook where you can write, draw or doodle, but this being a web application, you can add different types of pages to it. One page can be a photo page, another a word processor page, another a Spreadsheet page, another page can be an application…and the list goes on. To each page you can add different types of content such as text, images, audio or video (thanks to our partnership with Flixn) or even your business content. Notebook also comes with some drawing tools that can be used along with your content.

Zoho will be competing with OneNote and Google Notebook, although Zoho Notebook is quite different with a few unique elements. As expected, collaboration will be one of its’ best features, allowing you to share your entire notebook, certain pages, or even parts of pages.  It will also show the Skype status of users for easy communication.

With the variety of content that you can use such as text, images, audio, video, and drawings, this would be perfect for students, or companies to use for project management.  It comes with a recorder for the audio element, and with the video element, you can insert it from services like YouTube, or record your own from a webcam.

You can also integrate other Zoho services and combine and add pages from Zoho Writer and Zoho sheet.  With the simple, easy to use interface with quick “add” buttons (add text, RSS feeds, graphics, etc.), it will provide quite a bit of functionality. It’s compatible with Firefox and IE and comes with a browser plug-in for “web clipping”.

I think that the online and collaborating aspects will be what sets Zoho Notebook  apart from OneNote, and the variety of content that you can incorporate will be what sets it apart from Google Notebook. Below is a demonstration that Zoho has put together:

Source: Read/Write Web