Google has just introduced a new way to help site owners communicate more with their visitors.  It’s called Google Talk Chatback and it’s available to any website where you can add HTML content. Inserting the Chatback “badge” will allow visitors to chat with you which means you’ll be having an instant message session with your readers, right from the browser. Cool, huh?

The requirements are as follows:

  • The Site owner must have a Google Talk Account
  • Users however, are not required to have an account because it uses a web-based Google Talk Gadget
  • Add it to any page where you can add HTML content

google talk chatback badge

To get started, just visit the Google Talk Chatback Webpage.  If you’re already logged into Google, it’ll automatically put together the code for you. Otherwise, you’ll have to sign in first and then it will generate a line of code. There are a few things you can edit which include the option to create a title, change your nickname, and choose whether or not you want your status message to be shown.

I’m inserting my “badge” below so that you can see what it looks like.

Disabling the badge just takes a click, even if you’ve inserted them on multiple pages. In the settings you’ll find the option to “disable all previously created badges.” Disabled badges will display as though you are offline.

Note: The Google Talk Gadget requires Adobe Flash Player version 8 or higher. Source