A few hours ago when I posted the Firefox Portable 3 Alpha 1 I thought it would be a good time to try out the MediaFire hosting service. As it turns out there servers stopped working so I went looking around for another file sharing service. The first place that I came across was this Wikipedia article that compares nearly all online file sharing services in a nice table that covers:

  • Language
  • Max File Size
  • Waiting Time
  • File/Bandwidth Limitations
  • File Expiration (duration they keep your file after it becomes inactive)

I looked at MediaFire on that list and it looked great since it said “unlimited” for nearly all of the limitations. Then I searched the page to see what other unlimited ones I could find, and was the first to popup. They offer no waiting time, unlimited speeds, unlimited file-size, unlimited lifetime of files and unlimited disk space which is exactly what I was looking for. Hmm…then it has to be loaded down with ads like we have all come to expect from file hosting sites like RapidShare, right? Get this, they don’t have any ads.

I am still going back and forth through my mind trying to figure out how they can afford to do this. You don’t have to register if you want to upload a file but I decided to just so that I could easily access things that I have uploaded. The upload interface, as pictured above, couldn’t get much simpler and after the process finishes you will receive the download page link and also the link to delete the file at any time. Or, you could use an FTP client to upload files as long as your a registered user.

So how nice does the download page look? Take a look at the one for the file I uploaded and judge for yourself. If you choose to “Publish” your file they will place it in their catalog for others to see but that is totally optional.

Something just doesn’t seem right because the service is too remarkable. I’ve looked through their Terms and Conditions and there isn’t anything unusual there either. Am I missing something?