One of the major factors that is keeping people from upgrading to Windows Vista is the software compatibility factor. Not all software is prepared for Vista which can make the upgrade frustrating. There are several sites putting together lists of software as they become compatible. You can find the complete list here, broken down into categories.  It’s a Wiki, so if you know of additional software that’s Vista Compatible, you can go ahead and add it to the list. Below you’ll find a list of compatible AntiVirus software.  Afterall, a good anti-virus is absolutely necessary, and one of the first things you should probably install.


Other Vista Stuff:

FYI: Despite the fact that Nero is the latest version of software and claims to support Vista, there’s a minor glitch when installing it.  OldManDeath commented on this back in October, we personally experienced this, and SLA sent us a message about it recently.  When installing Nero Premium 7.5 on Vista, you’ll get a dialogue window telling you that it wants to improve your system by installing DirectX 9.0c.  However, Vista comes with DirectX 10.0 built-in! It’s wanting to take you back to a previous version. This was an issue back in October, and it’s still an issue today; unfortunately we don’t have a screenshot of it.

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  1. There is plenty of great anti-virus’s available and fully compatible for Vista now, pretty much every one of the major popular ones.

    Where it remains kind of lite right now is firewalls compatible with Vista. Theres a few now, but still not the major popular ones a lot of people want, like ZoneAlarm and Outpost. I have my router’s firewall so Vista’s built in firewall is enough for me to complement it with, but I know a few people waiting for a ZoneAlarm update.

    And on the Nero point, if want to try something different, and better anyway in my opinion, give Ashampoo Burning Studio a try. Works perfectly on Vista with no problems at all. It doesn’t include alot of the extra tools like Nero does, like Nero Vision and such, but for a great disk burning program itself, its alot lighter and faster then Nero too.

  2. I installed Avast as I was using it before and it seemed to work just fine for me.

  3. When I did have Vista installed, I used Avast as well… and no problems!

  4. Definitely go for Kaspersky – best security company out there (ask anyone in the industry) and no bloatware. We purchased their software at the ISP I worked for after a lengthy due dilligence process

  5. Come on, everyone knows [] protection if you have Vista! :mrgreen:

    Oh, yeah, don’t label your products as Vista compatible if they aren’t.

    PS – all anti-virus is the same. PCMag doesn’t even test anti-virus software for its protection anymore, since complete protection is so standard. :|

  6. Your link to CA Anti-Virus was broken. I think this link works: []

  7. Thanks for the heads up, it’s fixed! :)

  8. On my Athlon64 machine I used Zone Alarm pro in combination with ESET Nod32 and Webroot Spysweeper. Webroot brought several upgrades and with each of them the system became slower and less stable. So I decided to kick out spysweeper and turn on the antispy in zonealarm. Not have been very lucky with that setup…

    Now I bought a new core 2 duo machine with vista and thought about security software. I decided to do it without a personal firewall, antivirus, antispyware but decided to setup a virtual machine. With the new CPUs it’s a pleasure to work with such a setup as it doesn’t slow down your PC in any respect.
    I will never install security software again (at least as long as manufacturers do build crappy functions in it). The Virtual machine setup really gives you peace of mind and do not fake security or slow your system.
    More info on the Open Security Club blog: []

  9. I understand where you’re coming from by not installing a Virus, but using antivirus software does not harm anything. You never know when something might not be what you expect…and I would rather take extra security precautions than risk anything. Not only that but I use Avast and it is free so it’s not like I’m paying for anything.

  10. Yeah, besides, if you’re running dual-core, slow-down can’t be that noticeable, right?

  11. I use NOD32 under Vista 32bit. What should I say, just a perfect combination. NOD32 is not slowing down anything neither does is bother with too many messages, it just does what it should: protecting your system silently and secure.
    Can recommend that software without hesitation. :D

  12. i also use vista and have tried avg, norton, dr spyware with anti virus, trojan. all worked fine ezcept for bit defender it ruined my vista( and computer. now i have avast and whole packge of uni blue

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