One of the major factors that is keeping people from upgrading to Windows Vista is the software compatibility factor. Not all software is prepared for Vista which can make the upgrade frustrating. There are several sites putting together lists of software as they become compatible. You can find the complete list here, broken down into categories.  It’s a Wiki, so if you know of additional software that’s Vista Compatible, you can go ahead and add it to the list. Below you’ll find a list of compatible AntiVirus software.  Afterall, a good anti-virus is absolutely necessary, and one of the first things you should probably install.


Other Vista Stuff:

FYI: Despite the fact that Nero is the latest version of software and claims to support Vista, there’s a minor glitch when installing it.  OldManDeath commented on this back in October, we personally experienced this, and SLA sent us a message about it recently.  When installing Nero Premium 7.5 on Vista, you’ll get a dialogue window telling you that it wants to improve your system by installing DirectX 9.0c.  However, Vista comes with DirectX 10.0 built-in! It’s wanting to take you back to a previous version. This was an issue back in October, and it’s still an issue today; unfortunately we don’t have a screenshot of it.