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Compiz Fusion on Linux has definitely received a lot of attention because of their innovative thinking, and the latest thing to come out of their lab is a plugin called Stackswitch. To put it simply it is an application switcher, but it comes packed with pizzazz. Once it’s activated it angles all of your windows so that it appears as though they are laying flat on a table that’s sitting in front of you, and the window you currently have selected stands up straight to draw more attention. Some aspects are also configurable, such as the angle at which the windows lie down.

As you might recall Compiz Fusion has already cloned Vista’s Flip-3D and Mac OS X’s Expose features. The Flip-3D feature is called Shift (video demo), and the Expose clone is called Scale (video demo). Stackswitch has its benefits over both because all of the windows are visible at the same time, and it’s more compact.

There’s one thing that I’m dying to know though… is this something you would actually use, or is it merely one of those things that you show off to your friends? Personally the thing that I still find myself using the most for switching between applications is Alt+Tab (or Command+Tab on a Mac). Take a look at this video demonstration of the new Stackswitch, and let us know whether you would ever use something like this:

Stackswitch Announcement [via FusionCast & Digg]