CompletemyalbumToday Apple iTunes introduced a new feature to the iTunes store called “Complete my Album.” This is for those times when you’ve purchased individual songs, and then later on you decide to buy the entire album which the song(s) came from.  For each song that you’ve bought that’s on an album that you end up buying, you’ll get a 99 cent credit.

That means that you will no longer have to pay for the same song twice! And because songs are typically 99 cents to begin with (albums are usually $9.99), you’re essentially getting a refund in the form of credit for the purchase that you made. 

After reading several comments, I’ve seen a few people say that this is pretty much useless and they won’t use it. However, often times only certain songs from an album are released, and then months later the full album is available for purchase.

iTunes will give you 180 days after purchasing an individual song to get the credit for songs that are on an album that you purchase. And don’t worry, they’re not leaving out the millions of people who have purchased songs previously, and want the full album now because of this new offer. During this initial introduction, you will have until June 26th to “complete albums” for songs that you have already purchased at any point from iTunes and get the “discount”.

When you go to the “Complete My Albums” page at the iTunes store, you’ll see the songs that you’ve purchased, the albums that they correspond with, and what the cost of the album would be with the credit applied for your previous a-la-carte purchases. Nice move Apple, I can see a boost in Album sales coming already!

Source: (Thanks CoryC!)
Image Source: Gizmodo