rsi.pngAll who suffer from back aches, shoulder pain, and/or wrist and hand pain, raise your hand. There’s gotta be a lot of you that do, at some point, even if it’s not on a regular basis due to working conditions. Perhaps you’ve never associated those pains to work, but they’re likely related if you spend much of your day working on a computer or mobile device. A recent Microsoft research study found that the number of people suffering from repetitive strain injuries is on the rise and this increase is causing over $600 million in lost working hours.

So what’s the specific cause of these problems? One cause is the lack of ergonomic hardware. According to the findings, not enough companies are spending the money needed to equip people with ergonomic chairs, mice, keyboards, and other types of equipment. Microsoft also says that this new trend to work wherever we are isn’t helping the cause either. If you’re slouched in a chair at the airport working on your laptop before your plane takes off, chances are, your back and wrists simply aren’t getting the support that they need.

How many of you think your miscellaneous pains could be due to repetitive strain injury?