All of the speculation can now end on when the iPhone will debut. The confirmed release date came from three commercials that started airing on TV in the US last night (June 3rd). The commercials showed off all that the iPhone has to offer, and also included a message saying that the iPhone would be coming June 29th. Not June 14th, not June 20th, and not June 30th.

Just as a refresher, the 4GB model will cost $499 while the 8GB model will cost $599. Service will only be available through AT&T. While there will be a good chunk of people who will run out and get an iPhone, I don’t think other providers like Verizon or Sprint really need to worry too much. There will still be those who prefer the more affordable phones, or the phones that are nearly free with a new contract.

The three commercials can be seen on the Apple website, or you can just view them below.  They’re titled “Never Been an iPod,” “How To,” and “Calamari.”

Anybody else think there will be lines of people wrapping around Apple and AT&T stores early on June29th?