Acid 1 Test Yay! Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are celebrating their 10-year anniversary! It seems like only yesterday that I was being told to design websites using only tables because that was the way to line things up and create professional looking websites. Now all of the buzz is about making tableless sites that use only CSS for the formatting and layout.

This is also a good time to look back on the other things that CSS has brought us, such as the Acid 1 test. The screenshot that I took to the right is from Firefox 2 taking the test and I was relieved that it did pass the test. Even Internet Explorer 7 passed the Acid 1 test as well as Opera 9. I didn’t try it in previous versions of the browsers but I did hear that Internet Explorer didn’t start passing the Acid 1 test until version 6.

Hopefully an Acid 3 test doesn’t come out anytime soon because it will take Internet Explorer another 4 to 5 versions before they can pass the Acid 2 test. I only wish I was kidding. ;)

Congratulations once again to W3C for their ten years of style, literally!

News Source: Slashdot