LogMeIn Remote Desktop Service

I always seem to be away from my computer when I need to get something off of it. That’s how it is supposed to work…when you need something you can’t have it. The built-in Remote Desktop in Windows XP does a pretty good job but I often use multiple operating systems throughout the day and I don’t want to worry about cross-platform compatibility.

I thought about trying the GoToMyPC but I didn’t feel like paying for a service. LogMeIn came to the rescue with a wonderful free service that will let me connect to my remote computer using only a Web browser. You do have to sign-up for an account and install a small program on the computer but I had the service up and running in less than 3 minutes. It wasn’t even an issue that I was behind a router.

My favorite feature about the service is that when you connect to the remote computer it doesn’t log that person off. It simply give you control of the computer…but that means the person at the computer you are controlling can see everything that you’re doing. That may not be good from a privacy standpoint but I actually look at it as being an additional feature. I’ll start using this to show people how to do things on their computer without me having to go over to their house. ;)

A Firefox extension is available that supposedly makes things a little easier but I wasn’t feeling adventurous enough to try it out. If you decide to give the extension a whirl let us know whether it is worth installing.

Thanks for the tip Darren! This is an awesome service.