new zune.pngPerhaps Microsoft was hoping to take a little bit of the spotlight away from Apple (their iPod announcement is coming tomorrow) by confirming the new Zune line-up today? Yes, new Zune’s are on the way. Consumers can expect some extra storage space for both the hard drive and flash models.

Pricing and storage info (for those of you who haven’t heard):

  • 120GB Zune– $250
  • 16 GB Flash Zune – $199
  • 8 GB Flash Zune – $149

Another big change is something that a lot of users have been wanting — the ability to use the built-in Wi-Fi to download songs. For those Zune users who like music recommended to them, they can get recommendations based upon what they are already listening to. There are also some pre-programmed channels available.

While the Zune may not be a market leader, they certainly have a pretty loyal group of fans who enjoy the features that the device offers. The few people I personally know who own a Zune never have anything but good things to say.

Image: Apparently one of the new Zune’s made it to the shelf a little early at a Fry’s electronics store. Shown above is what the 8GB blue/silver model looks like.