iPodME.pngThe other day Ward pointed out in the comments a simple little application that’s available for Windows users who are looking to convert movies to a video format that the iPhone and iPods can play. We talked about being able to do this using the SUPER video converter, but a lot of you are probably just wanting to go from AVI to MP4. If that’s the case the iPodME program is just what you need.

You can see in the screenshot to the right why there is little confusion about how to use this program. You simply drag and drop the movies into the application that you’re looking to convert, choose from the options available on the screen, and let it do its thing.

Here are some of the reasons why I love iPodME:

  • Simple interface means you don’t have to fuss with options you probably wouldn’t change anyway
  • The program requires no installation, and the single executable is under 3MB in size
  • You can start converting one video, and at the same time continue to add more files to the list
  • Choose from different profiles that target the speed of conversion, quality, and size of output
  • Shutdown the computer after encoding is done (great for overnight processing)
  • It’s free!

This is definitely an application you should try out if you enjoy watching videos on your iPhone or iPod. And in case you’re wondering about performance it took me around 35 minutes to convert a 2-hour (700MB) AVI movie on my Pentium-D machine. That’s pretty darn good!

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