We recently wrote about Cooliris which we described as an easier, faster, more efficient way to browse the web.  It is a free browser extension (with different capabilities) for IE, Firefox, and Safari.  With this extension, you’re able to preview the content underlying each link before you click.  Recently, they released a new version for Firefox, 1.9 which has some additional features worth mentioning!

One of the first, and biggest differences that I noticed is with the preferences. Now there are more options and customization to have Cooliris work just how you’d like it.  For example,  there are several different ways that you can activate the window.  One of the new ways to do this is by holding down control and hovering over the link.  In all, there are four different ways you can activate a window.Another welcome change is the ability to set a time delay. This preferences will let you choose how long you want it to wait before displaying the window (by default it is set to appear 1 second after you mouse over a link).

By right clicking on the blue checkmark at the bottom of each window, you can access all of the preferences. Initially when I first tried Cooliris without changing any preferences, it annoyed me with boxes popping up left and right.  Using the preferences to customize the extension to work just how you want it to will make Cooliris that much better and a truly useful tool to use while browsing the web.