copy cat.pngHave you ever tried to copy a file from a CD or DVD that has been scratched? If so you might have received an error message stating that the file could not be copied because it is corrupt, but there might still be hope if you really need to access the contents.

Copy Cat 2.0 is a free application designed for recovering files from media that has been partially damaged. As long as you can see the file in Windows Explorer this program can attempt to copy it over. What makes this special is that when it comes across an unreadable area it will skip over it and try to copy the remaining portion of the file. Windows Explorer, on the other hand, will stop copying the file once it receives an error.

The great thing about the program is that it works for more than just CD’s or DVD’s. You can actually use it with hard drives, USB drives, floppy disks, and just about anything else you can store data on.

Get Copy Cat 2.0 for Windows
Note: During installation it will ask if you want to install a toolbar in Internet Explorer. You’ll probably want to uncheck the box to make sure it doesn’t.