Windows mac file transfer

Sometimes it can be a huge pain when needing to transfer files between machines because things don’t always go smoothly. First you have to set up the shares, then you need to make sure the permissions are correct, and we can’t forget that you need to be using a file transfer protocol that each of the operating systems support. Or you can just use Dukto R5, which makes things about as simple as they can possibly get.

This cross-platform (Windows/Mac/Linux) utility has a portable version available for Windows users who might not want to install an application just for transferring files. The beauty with Dukto R5 is that literally all you have to do is open up the app on your machines and they will instantly recognize each other. In the event it isn’t able to detect all of the running instances you can click the “IP Connection” button and manually enter in the address you’re trying to send files to.

Oh, and it’s not restricted to just files either. You can then send text, text from the clipboard, files, or an entire folder. The catch with Dukto is that this is a no-security file transfer utility that is meant to only be used on local networks. The user receiving the files doesn’t even get prompted to accept them… they just immediately start transferring. For that reason I don’t see it being a great utility for transferring files between multiple users, but is extremely useful if you have multiple cross-platform machines that you want to be able to do hassle-free file transfers between.

Windows mac linux file transfer

Once the files have been transferred you can click on the Received icon at the bottom of the window to have it display where the file was saved to in Windows Explorer. Alternatively you can jump over to the Recent section of the app and it should show the transfer there as well.

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