Cmd copy paste tabs

The Windows command prompt is one area Microsoft didn’t get around to updating until they starting rolling out PowerShell as an integrated part of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 a few years ago. That means it will take some time to fully transition over to PowerShell, and using the classic CMD interface can be extremely clunky.

The free Console2 app is here to help ease the transition from using the command prompt to PowerShell by offering a more intelligent wrapper to an interface you’re already familiar with. Here are some of the features I thought were worth pointing out:

  • Portable app – no install needed and configuration files are stored in the same folder as the executable
  • Create multiple tabs
  • Customizable mouse and keyboard shortcuts for actions like copy/paste, new tab creation, renaming tabs, and more
  • Easy copy/paste: highlight text by holding down the Shift key and selecting the text you want to copy. For some reason the default paste shortcut isn’t Ctrl+V, but you can set it to be that if you want (I did).
  • Specify the default prompt starting path/directory
  • Different background types
  • Alpha transparency
  • Configurable fonts
  • Various window styles

Tip: If you do decide to try this out I recommend using the Beta version which has actually been worked on in the last year, otherwise the stable version is about 6-years old.

Console2 Homepage (Freeware; Windows only; Portable)
Thanks for the tip Chris!