Wolfram alpha copy plaintext

I love using Wolfram Alpha, but their recent push to get people to upgrade to their “Pro” version really started to turn me off of this awesome service. Sure the frequent popups asking you to “Go Pro” is pretty annoying, but what was even worse to me is that they disabled the ability to copy results without at least signing up for an account.

For Chrome users there is an extension called WolframAlpha No Pro that solves many of the new annoyances that were introduced to users who don’t want to setup an account or pay for the Pro subscription. Not only does it remove the popups you’d normally see, but it also enabled all the keys on the symbolic keyboard (used for writing equations) and also makes copying a plaintext version of the results easy with a large button.

Anyone that regularly uses Wolfram Alpha without a Pro subscription in the Google Chrome browser will find this to be a very worthwhile extension to have installed.

WolframAlpha No PRO Extension for Chrome