Copy paste action

Whenever you copy and paste something you are probably doing so with the intent of transporting that snippet of text or image somewhere else. Maybe you’re copying it into a Word document, saving it in Evernote, performing a Google search, mapping an address, or one of the many other possibilities. Click.To is a free app for both Windows and Mac users that tries to streamline your copy and paste operations.

How does it work? Once installed you can configure the app to show a set of icons that appear every time you copy text. If you click on one of the icons it will perform an associated action, and I listed out some examples of the things you can do above. if one of the pre-configured operations doesn’t work for you there is always the option to make your own that can be set up to open a particular URL or an application.

The thing I really like is that you can choose the location and size of where the icons will appear. So if you want them to always appear above/below the cursor you can do that, or they can appear along one of the screen edges if you’d prefer to have them in a more predictable and consistent spot.

Click.To Homepage (Windows/Mac; Freeware)