If you frequently upload videos to multiple video sharing sites like YouTube or MySpace Videos, you’re going to love Hey!Spread. Hey! Spread is a fairly new video uploading service that “sneezes” your videos, or spreads them to multiple sites with just a few simple steps which means you’ll save yourself a lot of time. The more services your video is uploaded to, the better chance you’ll have that it will become popular which is why Hey! Spread will be useful for some of you. Currently they support several video networks including YouTube, MySpace, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, Dailymotion, Photobucket, Metacafe, and others.


So not only can you spread your own videos uploaded from your hard drive, but now a new feature just added yesterday will allow you to cross-post videos that are already uploaded to a video sharing site. For example, if there was a video clip on YouTube that you really liked and wanted to spread to MySpace, you’d just need the URL for the video and you’d be able to use Hey! Spread to post the video to MySpace or any other supported service. It’s really a very simple process and makes copying videos from sites like YouTube to other video sites easy.

Source: Digital Inspiration