kodak If cameras became good enough in cell phones, would you ditch your stand-alone camera? What I mean by that is this, right now I use the camera in my phone on occasion for those times when I have forgotten my camera and there’s something that needs to be captured.  I prefer a quality camera though, and so at this point, I could never stop using my camera and start using the one that comes built-in to my phone.  If however, there was a phone with a quality camera built-in, I would consider ditching my camera for one in my phone simply because it’s one less device that I’d have to worry about carrying around. I’m all about combining devices into one which is why I love the iPhone – it serves as my phone and music player (among other things), all in one.

A recent announcement from Kodak tells us  that they’re getting closer and closer to putting quality cameras in cell phones. According to Business Wire, they are developing new technology for mobile phones.  They say:

The company has combined its recently announced Color Filter Pattern technology with a new CMOS pixel to create the KODAK KAC-05020 Image Sensor, the world’s first 1.4 micron, 5 megapixel device. Designed for mass-consumer camera applications such as mobile phones, Kodak’s new sensor enables a new level of resolution in small optical formats, using significantly smaller pixels. But unlike other small-pixel sensors which can produce poor images, especially under low light conditions, the 1.4 micron pixel used in the KAC-05020 Image Sensor changes this convention, providing image quality that can equal or surpass what is available from current devices using larger, 1.75 micron pixel CMOS designs.

Kodak’s CMOS Sesnors Marketing Director said that the new sensor is “the kind of technology that can help upgrade all camera phones to a real camera.” Knowing that better cameras in phones could be right around the corner, what would it take for you to stop using a stand-alone camera? Are there any features you know you just couldn’t manage without? Topping my list would be zooming capabilities.