Most geeks love stats, and what could be more interesting than to see how many times you click your mouse or press a key on the keyboard each day? If you want to do something like that you’ll need to hop on over and grab the free WinOMeter app. It doesn’t require any installation to use, and I know you may be hesitant to have a “novelty” item like this using your system resources. You can rest easy knowing that this will consume less than 1MB of memory while running.

I haven’t put this to full use yet, and in the screenshot above I merely “simulated” several days so that you could see that it tracks your history. I plan to run it for awhile though to see what my real stats are like. I have a feeling that I will be rather shocked at how many mouse clicks and keyboard presses I perform on a regular basis. I might even have some fun with it to see how few mouse clicks I can use by resorting to keyboard shortcuts.

I know what you’re thinking… why doesn’t it show some pretty graphs? No problem – the data can be exported to CSV which you can then pull into Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. From there you can generate those pretty graphs your heart so desperately desires.

WinOMeter Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)