firefox coverflow bookmarks
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Apple has really been successful with their Cover Flow representation of album covers, and with their latest Leopard operating system they even added a Cover Flow view for browsing files. This has to leave you wondering why you’re not able to browse your bookmarks in a similar fashion?

Well, thanks to this new Firefox extension (install it here) you can. As you visit websites that you’ve saved as bookmarks the extension will create a small JPG snapshot (about 30KB in size) that will be used when you open up your Bookmark Manager. In the Bookmark Manager you’ll see a Cover Flow-like interface for flipping through your bookmarks.

If you click on the View menu you can switch between the Details view (the one that looks like Cover Flow) or a regular Thumbnails view. The Thumbnails view tiles all of the websites on one page which might be a little more user friendly if you’re going through hundreds of bookmarks.

There is also a Create Previews option located under the File menu if you want to have the extension go through all of your bookmarks and grab previews for them. It’s all done in the background so you can go about doing your business in Firefox while it works, but it will likely take awhile if you have hundreds of bookmarks.

I estimate that each preview image is around 30KB in size, and about 30 previews will take up about 1MB of space. All of the JPG files are stored in your Firefox profile in a folder called bookmarkpreviews that will be deleted if you uninstall the extension.

Bookmark Previews Firefox Extension
Kudos to “Trip” for the tip!