The olympics have officially started which means coverage around the Internet is abundant. We mentioned a couple of ways that you could keep up with the Olympics using Google, but there are PLENTY of other sites out there. Here’s a quick list of places you can go on the Internet to get the coverage of your favorite sports.


If you go to you’ll find a Medal Count listed under the “News” tab along with an “Olympics Preview.” They also have a Yahoo! Sports section with coverage of the games that is more comprehensive. You can view info about the athletes, get the schedule of what sports are going on, and when, medals count, and more.

yahoo olympic coverage.png


We already mentioned Google’s coverage earlier this week, but at the time we were unaware of an additional site they put together for the Games. It’s found here, and they use Google Maps to display the medal count for the countries that are participating in the games. For those of you using your mobile device, you can go to and get the 2008 Summer Games Olympics Gadget.

google olympics-1.png


NBC is the official broadcaster in the United States for the Olympics so it’s no surprise that they’ve got a site dedicated to it. Like the other sites, they’ve got a medal count, athlete profiles, and images of the games. Visit There’s also a site for mobile users.

NBC olympics.png


We can’t forget Microsoft whose Silverlight technology is being used by to provide video content. You can download Silverlight here and then you’ll be able to watch four different events at the same time. The Silverlight Player is customizable and gives you yet another way to keep up with the games.


TVTonic makes it possible for owners of Vista Media Center PCs (Home Premium and Ultimate) to download “up to HD” quality coverage on a sport-by-sport basis. You will be able to grab the coverage about twelve hours after a particular even ends, and you’ll be watch to watch the videos all the way up until the Olympics end.

Get TVTonic Here.