I’m not really big on playing computer games that leave you sitting at your computer for days on end, but that doesn’t mean I don’t play games. A new game that is in the works, called Crayon Physics, is the epitome of what I love in a game: fun, increasingly difficult, and extremely creative.

I just got done playing a no-install needed prototype of Crayon Physics, and it is so interesting that you are bound to get addicted by it. Your goal is to get the ball from the starting point over to the star, and all the while you draw shapes on the screen. The shapes all behave like they would in real life with gravity, which is what really makes this fun. To see what I’m talking about checkout this video of Crayon Physics in action on a Tablet PC:

Unfortunately the prototype is a bit rough around the edges, includes only a few levels, and doesn’t have a lot of the sweet features the deluxe version in the demo does.  For example, you can’t draw a car and have it drive, or create pivot points in the demo version.

Here are the key shortcuts for demo:

  • With left mouse button you can draw and with right you can remove objects.
  • Space – Will reset the level.
  • Esc – Will open the menu.
  • Alt + enter – Will toggle fullscreen.
  • Alt + F4 – Will quit the game.

I’m assuming that when Crayon Physics Deluxe is released it will cost some money to pickup, but if it comes with a lot of levels I’ll surely be getting myself a copy.

Crayon Physics Deluxe Homepage [via Windows Connected]