Map envelope

The idea of Map Envelope is simple, really. Locate a position on the map (preferably a location that might make the person on the receiving end green with envy), type a message, and wait for your custom Google Maps image to appear. Print, cut, fold on the dotted lines, glue/tape, and bam!, you’ve got your own custom made map envelope.

Possible Uses:

  1. To send a “postcard” from a fun vacation destination
  2. When planning a wedding, to create map envelopes instead of the standard map insert
  3. Moving announcement – recipients can get a visual of where you’ve moved to

Now ask yourself, how carefully do you open envelopes that you receive in the mail? If you’re like me, probably not too carefully. This is the only problem we can foresee  with using something like Map Envelope to create custom made envelopes. It’s made so that the person receiving the piece of mail thinks they’re getting a plain white envelope. It isn’t until they’ve opened the envelope that they discover it’s actually a map which means some people may find themselves trying to piece together the envelope to see the whole picture. summed up: Print your own envelopes lined with a Google Maps location of your choice, with a custom message…for free!