quotepad.pngOver the last year I’ve become a heavy digital note taker. Evernote is definitely my go-to app when it comes to longterm note storage, but what about those quick little snippets that seem worth saving but aren’t necessarily something I want cluttering up Evernote? That’s where QuotePad comes in form me.

QuotePad is a super simple note taker that has system-wide hotkeys. Pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Q hotkey (customizable in the settings) will instantly send whatever text you have highlighted to QuotePad. At the end of the note it will append the title of the window/app you grabbed the text from, which is handy if you are constantly clipping text from various Word documents. If you’re viewing a webpage in the browser it will also grab the URL and save that as part of the note.

After a note had been created you can manually set a reminder so that you’ll get notified later on about a particular note. It even has a decent search filter built-in that provides instant results as you type.

When you download QuotePad it will look like you have to install it on your PC, but as you run through the setup one of the options is to install it to a portable USB drive. Selecting that option will tell the app that you want it to place all the data in a self-contained folder for easy portability. Of course all of this wouldn’t be that wonderful if it was a resource-hungry beast. You can rest easy because when it comes to system resources QuotePad constantly sat under 5MB of memory, which means it is pretty light on its feat.

QuotePad Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)