Create Appointments In Google Calendar With Your Cell Phone

If you are getting addicted to your Google Calendar, then this is perfect for you. has figured out a way to send a text message to Google and have them schedule an appointment in your calendar. It is pretty simple but does involve using SMS text messaging and you might get charged for your text message if you do not have a SMS plan with your service provider. Okay, here are the steps:

  1. Send a text message to 48368 and let them know what and when to schedule: dinner at Zupas tomorrow 7pm
  2. Google will then create the event in your calendar and send a message back to you saying that the event was created.

This is pretty cool especially for those people with unlimited text messaging plans. Remember, Google has not officially released any information regarding this type of service so if this does not work for you then they will be unlikely to respond to your complaint.

News Source: TelegramSam