chartle interactive charts.png

Creating a chart or graph is something we’ve become accustomed to using a spreadsheet app for, like Excel. When you just need to whip up a quick chart to publish on your site you may want to consider firing up a site like instead of that desktop app on your machine. Not only can you create impressive looking charts and diagrams, but you can also make them interactive!

My favorite option that Chartle offers is definitely the annotated timeline view. The appearance is extremely similar to what you’ll find on Google Finance, and the interactive portion could really provide the reader with an experience they can’t get from looking at a “flat” chart.

Chartle has more than just a pretty timeline view though. Take a gander at all the different kinds of charts and diagrams they have available for you to choose from:

  • Bar:
    bar charts.png
  • Pie:
    pie charts.png
  • Line:
    line charts.png
  • Plots and Diagrams:
  • Business:
    org chart.png
  • Dynamic:
    timeline chart.png
  • Gauge:
  • Maps:

If you haven’t tried Chartle before you may be a bit skeptical about having to type in all your data. You can do that if you’d like, but they do offer an Excel import option that you can use to just import the information directly from an existing spreadsheet. Then once you’ve completed your chart you can actually get the embed code so that you can post it directly to your own site. Homepage