Create keyboard shortcuts

I love when I stumble across a keyboard shortcut I didn’t know about in an application that turns out saving me a bunch of time. It doesn’t happen all that often, but I can definitely say that keyboard shortcuts play a big role in my daily computing. Using a program such as WinHotKey you can actually make your own global hotkeys.

The interface is extremely simple, and by default it also lists out a bunch of the built-in Windows key shortcuts. Unfortunately you can’t modify those shortcuts so they are there more for a reference, but you can create as many of your own keyboard shortcuts as you want. You can set the shortcuts to do anything from launching an application to inserting a snippet of text that you frequently use. Here are the various actions you can create:

  • Launch an Application
  • Open a Document
  • Open a Folder
  • Type Some Text
  • Control the Current Window
    • Minimize to the Taskbar
    • Maximize to the Screen
    • Restore to its Original Size
    • Toggle Maximize and Original Size
    • Resize (using the mouse)
    • Move (using the mouse)

Since this program needs to be running all of the time in order for the keyboard shortcuts to work I thought it would be important to mention the performance. This sits behind-the-scenes in the System Tray and uses a mere 1.3MB of memory while running. So you won’t have to compromise your system’s resources in order to get the benefit of having your own global keyboard shortcuts.

WinHotKey Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)