If you’re a user of Google Calendar, now you’re able to create multiple reminders for your event. This is a feature that’s been requested by many users who aren’t always at their computer for that email reminder when they need it.

Once you enter in an event, you can select to receive one reminder via email, another via SMS, and another as a pop-up reminder, or as many as you’d like.  This will help ensure that you don’t forget or miss the event! You’re also able to set the intervals for each of the reminders so that you don’t get them all at the same time, unless you want to.

The image below shows what the notification feature looks like, and to add another reminder, all you have to do is click “add another reminder.”


There were a few additional features that were just launched as well:

  • Expanded printing options (formatting options like font size, orientation, color, black, white, etc.)
  • Send to a friend: Now you have the option of sending a direct link to your friends if you’d like them to add your calendar to their calendar list. If they don’t have Google Calendar, they can view yours in HTML format.

If you use Google Calendar, are there any features you’ve been wanting but haven’t yet seen?

Source: Googliefied