Panoramic images have been something that I’ve been trying to do more often, and a lot of that is due to how easy it is to stitch together multiple photos. Plus the new Windows Live Photo Gallery is capable of taking multiple photos and stitching them together to form a full panoramic shot as well. Once you have taken a marvelous panoramic photo you have to do it justice by showing it off. That’s where the free WPanorama software comes into play.

WPanorama is a panoramic photo viewer that can animate your images to make it seem like you’re standing in one spot looking around. It can then transform this animation into an AVI video or even a screensaver that will play on your computer. The screensaver can also be configured to rotate through dozens of different panoramic images if you’d like.

This is WPanorama showing off a panoramic shot that I took in Ames, Iowa

When you fire up the program and load an image it should initiate the auto scrolling right away. This will give your photo a more life-like effect, and it will bounce back and forth as if you repeatedly turned your head from the left side to the right side. If you have a 360 degree panoramic photo you can go to Config -> Advanced options -> Auto reverse, and select the Off option so that the photo will be treated as a 360 degree image. That way when WPanorama is scrolling through the image it will wrap the photo around so that the two ends join together.

If you’re not in to taking your own panoramic shots then you can find some refuge at WPanorama’s 700+ photo gallery (top 20 can be found here), and don’t forget to check out Panoye.

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Thanks Radu for the tip!