YouPlayer for Firefox I’m sure many of you are YouTube addicts, and you probably can’t get enough of people jumping off roofs or watching those sonic booms. Now there is a Firefox extension to help match your crazy addiction!

YouPlayer appears as a sidebar item in your Firefox browser once it is installed. With it you can drag and drop YouTube video URL’s into the player to have it create a playlist.

One of the reasons I found this extremely useful was that I could drag and drop YouTube search results right into the player, and then watch them all without leaving the page that I was currently on. The only downside about doing it that way was that it didn’t retrieve the title of the video, and would have to be manually renamed if you wanted an easy-to-understand playlist. If you go to each videos standalone page, and then drag the tab over the naming convention is similar to what you see in the screenshot I took to the right.

There are a few things that came to my mind which would make this extension a must-have:

  • It would be awesome if I could add videos from multiple video sites. Sadly it only supports YouTube right now.
  • A bulk video adder seems like a necessity. Think about being able to drag a YouTube search results tab over into the playlist, and then having it automatically add all the videos from that page.
  • What about searching YouTube from within the sidebar? Then you could setup “smart” playlists like iTunes has.
  • A one-click option to have a playlist generated for the day’s most viewed videos would be nice.

Source: Lifehacker & Mozilla Links