AutoSizer Firefox Extension Autosizer is a unique Firefox extension that doesn’t just let you resize the Search Box, instead it will resize it for you. When there is no text in the search box it will take up very little room but as soon as you start typing it will dynamically adjust the width to give you more room for your search.

The new version was just released last week and is only compatible with Firefox 2. As you can see in the images to the right it works very well on a variety of themes which is great news for anyone that doesn’t use the default one.

In the options you can set the minimum and maximum width of the Search Box (which by default is 0 and 400 pixels, respectively). One other thing that this extension includes in the options is the ability to clear the text from the Search Bar everytime you submit a search. I always found it very annoying that Firefox didn’t do this automatically (or at least have an option to do it) but I didn’t have a problem living with it. However, this feature is even more important if you are using the extension because you don’t want the Search Box constantly taking up 100’s of pixels after you have performed your search and aren’t using it anymore. If you set it to clear itself it will automatically shrink back down to its more collapsed state after you have submitted your search. This extension is absolutely ingenious!