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Have you ever wanted to create beautiful vector graphics, but don’t have the budget for Adobe Illustrator? Maybe what you need is Creative Docs .NET? Not only is it completely free, but it also has a large number of features that give the competition a run for their money. For starters checkout the sample gallery of things they created using Creative Docs .NET.

Creative Docs .NET can be used for a variety of purposes including manuals, posters, illustrations, flow charts, brochures, and much more. Now I have to say that the interface is not like some of the other graphic editors out there, so there is a slight learning curve. After only about 5-minutes of tinkering around with the application though I was able to produce the graphic in the screenshot above. It’s nothing fancy, and if I actually knew my way around the program it would have taken me no time at all to do that. And, of course, with a little imagination you could come up with some pretty amazing things.

The application has a wide range of features that I’m sure you’ll find useful, and with a little luck it might not take you too long to become acquainted with the features. This is hands down the most powerful vector graphics editor that I’ve ever come across, and I’m sure many of you will take advantage of this free software.

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