Creative Zen Multimedia Player

That’s right, another Ipod competitor has made its way into the market. The Creative Zen resembles the newest Ipod’s so much it is ridiculous. Creative has been working on this for awhile it seems, probably because of their poor mp3 music players in the past. A vast majority of the disappointment comes because it is more expensive than the iPod’s pricetag of $321.71 because it costs $351.06 so the additional cost is for your preference. If you are running Windows then the Creative Zen Vision may be a better alternative because of the lack of compatability that Microsoft provides for the Ipod (obviously). The Ipod currently has no support for the Microsoft Windows Media Player which may be nice for some people who are reluctant to install iTunes, but iTunes has made some vast improvements in their software.

The Creative Zen Vision has received some very high marks for its reviews and from its users, so if you are looking for a Christmas present for someone and were thinking about purchasing that Ipod, you may want to way your alternatives.

Check out the Home Page for this product for more information and a demonstration.