Crossloop Do you need to access your computer when you’re gone? Is it a pain trying to help someone with their computer problems when they live hours away? CrossLoop aims to solve that issue by letting you painlessly connect to the other person’s computer using a program that takes just seconds to install.

There aren’t any configuration options like you would expect so there is little chance for error. There are two tabs in the program, one for connecting to a computer and one that provides the information necessary for someone to connect to your computer. In order to connect to a computer you will need a 12-digit access code which can be located on the “Host” tab.

I love how the access code works. Every time you start the program it retrieves a new access code so that you can give the code to a friend to help you and then after they are done you’ll just have to restart the program. After the program restarts or shuts down it will generate a new code so that it can only be connected to by those people who have the updated access code. That is the reason why I took the screenshot above without blurring my access code.

CrossLoop encrypts all of the files and messages that are transferred using 128-bit Blowfish encryption technology. For that reason your data will be safe which is one of the most important things for me when remotely connecting to computers. If you’re looking to connect to your own machine when you’re away from home then you may find LogMeIn to be a better solution.

I actually just had a real situation that I needed to use this in. I had the person download and install the program and I was connected in less than 3 minutes from the time I told them to download it. This is absolutely amazing!