Css box generator

The web is advancing at a rather rapid pace and so is the amount of stuff you can do with things like CSS. The CSS3 Generator is a site that demonstrates just how powerful CSS is becoming, and the best part is that you don’t need to know too much syntax when there are tools available like this one.

You can see all of the customization options in the screenshot above, and what’s nice is that the code it generates is designed to work in browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately some of the options aren’t available in Internet Explorer, such as the background gradients, so you shouldn’t assume all of it should work. The code that gets generated has comments to point out when you should be concerned with browser compatibility though.

What I like about tools like this is that they serve as a great way to learn the syntax required to create advanced designs without falling back to using specially-crafted images. I always look to examples to pick up this kind of stuff, and for that reason I greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to create these online tools.

CSS3 Generator Homepage