Every year there are handfuls of new search engines that pop-up trying to compete with the big boys like Google and Yahoo. And every year those same search engine companies realize just how difficult it is to take on such a task. One of those new search engines to debut is called Cuil which is actually pronounced “cool.” Their team consists of ex-Google engineers as well as former AltaVista founder (Louis Monier), and they recently launched. Could Cuil be the underdog search engine that comes out on top to beat out Google like Google did at one point to Yahoo?

Here are some claims that Cuil has made about their Search Engine:

  • They have better search results than Google
  • They understand how words are related so that results are more relevant
  • They have a huge web index
  • They care about your privacy
  • They display unique results
  • They do not record user IP addresses to their servers

If size were to determine a search engine winner, Cuil could possibly be it with 120 billion pages indexed. Size helps, but it’s not everything, so just because they have a lot of pages indexed doesn’t instantly make them the best. In order to take on Google, they are going to have to prove that they have better results than Google because that’s what people are going to care about.

cuil - Cuil.png

When you first visit www.cuil.com, one of the first things you’ll notice is that there’s a lot of black. Once you perform a search, you’ll notice the three column interface.

We tried performing a few searches and were not left impressed. Results we’d expect to appear at the top didn’t even show-up on the first page of results. One such example is when we performed a search for “cybernetnews” and CyberNet News did not appear in the results on the first page. Another such example is when we decided to perform a search for “cuil” and it didn’t even display a result for their own homepage! When performing several of the searches, we’d get an error page back saying that it couldn’t find any results, but performing the search again would provide you with results.

A lot of people say they won’t switch from Google because they like quality results, and that’s often cited as a reason they won’t use Live Search or Yahoo Search. If you don’t spell a word correctly, it won’t offer you a suggested spelling either. Using Cuil, the results are even worse than any of the other major search engines, so they have a lot of work ahead of them before they can claim they provide better results than Google.

Thanks for the tip Omar!