iGoogle Skins One thing that I really love about my personalized iGoogle homepage are the skins that Google has available. Google periodically adds new themes to their selection, but there’s only about ten of them that you can use right now.

That’s where the Custom Skins gadget comes into play. Users are able to create their own skins and submit them to a user-powered directory. To get the ball rolling lets add the gadget to your iGoogle page by clicking this button:

Add to Google

Now you can browse for new skins according to name, date, popularity, or by performing a search. What’s really cool is that you can assign “rules” so that different skins are displayed according to the rules that they match. For example, you can have it show a different skin according to the day of the week, time of day, weather, or even IP address.

The skin pictured above is the Firefox one, but the most impressive I would have to say is the Mac OS X skin. The Super Mario skin is rather cool as well. If you’re a sports fanatic you might want to perform a search for your favorite teams. For example, there are several skins available for football and baseball teams, such as the Chicago Cubs and Green Bay Packers.

Tip: If you peak into the settings of the Custom Skins module you’ll notice a “run in hidden mode” option. This can be used to completely hide the gadget, but you can always access it again by clicking the “Custom Skins” button located to the right of your tabs.

Google Custom Skins Gadget [via Download Squad]