Custom online font

Finding fonts to use on your website can be a pain, but a lot of people don’t realize that Google has an interface for finding and using fonts on any site. Google Web Fonts lets you see samples of over 200 fonts in either a single word, sentence, or paragraph format. The amount of sample text it shows varies based upon which of those formats you choose.

After you’ve found a font that you like just click the “Quick-use” link to see an estimation of how this could affect your page load time, and then also the code you need to add to your site to use the font. The nice thing is that Google will host all of the scripts and CSS so that you don’t have to worry about forking over the extra bandwidth yourself.

The site also has a “Collection” system that will essentially let you bookmark a bunch of fonts to make reviewing them a little easier later on. The whole system is pretty awesome, and I applaud Google for putting all of this together for web developers to use.

Google Web Fonts Homepage