NetvibessearchEverybody has their favorite search engines whether it be for a web search, or a video search. With this in mind, Netvibes has just introduced the option for users to customize their search modules. A user can have up to 20 tabs with different searches on each, and the process is simple. In no time you’ll have all of your favorite search methods ready to be used.

To change the search for each tab, just click on it and then a drop-down arrow will appear. One of the options is “manage search engines” – click on it.  You’ll notice it’s divided up into 6 different categories including:

  • Web Search – Yahoo, Google, Live, Ask, etc.,
  • Blog Search – Technorati, Bloglines, Google Blog Search, Sphere, etc.
  • Image Search – Flickr, Zoomr, Yahoo, Google, etc.,
  • Video Search – YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Myspace, etc.,
  • Podcast Search – iTunes, Odeo, Pluggd, Podemus
  • Shopping Search – PriceRunner, Kelkoo, Shopping UK, etc.,


The examples listed under each category above are a small sampling of what all is included. Just about any search you can imagine is available. I chose nine different searches, and this is what my module looks like:


My only small complaint is that each time you add a new search, it places it as the first tab, and it doesn’t appear that those tabs can be moved around and ordered. I want to be able to place the ones that I use to most first, and the other ones later.

Twitter fans?

For those Twitter fans out there, Netvibes was thinking of you. Now you can install a Twitter module on your page so that you can keep track of what everybody is doing, and in return keep them updated on what you’re doing. To install it, just look for Twitter in the left sidebar.