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I’ve always been amused at how a lot of people like to make their browser look look like another another browser. I’ve seen a countless number of Firefox users who have a theme that looks remarkably like IE 7, and I thought I would show off some tricks to make Firefox even more like IE 7.

What you see above is Firefox 2 running with the myFireFox theme installed. That theme gives you all of the buttons and tab customizations that you need to give the browser a true IE 7 feel. You can take it another step further by installing the myFireFox & Vista-aero Modifier extension. You must have the myFireFox theme installed for this extension to work, and as you can see in the screenshot above it offers several different options for making Firefox look more like IE 7.

One of my favorite features is that it lets you alter the toolbar background color when Firefox is minimized. IE 7 does this as well, and it’s a nice touch to the theme.

You should definitely give this duo a shot if you use Firefox, but prefer the look of IE 7. Personally I think I’ll stick with the Firefox theme, but it might be fun to fool some friends with this, too. Especially those who are too stubborn to try out Firefox.

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  1. I don’t see the point in “looking like”, even when the referral calls a positive feeling, which is not mine with Internet Explorer. Let it be! Don’t make it resemble!

  2. Making IE7 look like firefox looks like much better exercise. Anyway to do it? 8)

  3. Tinhed wrote:
    Making IE7 look like firefox looks like much better exercise. Anyway to do it? 8)

    Actually I’ve never seen anything that would do that. I’m not sure if IE is actually skinnable.

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