We had heard about a corporate version of YouTube coming, but all of a sudden YouTube launched a new feature for everyone that lets you customize the YouTube player. It’s definitely a unique aspect that I think some sites will really grasp onto, but as it stands right now it looks as though you can only choose from a few default themes.

I tried it out (as you can see above) and it is actually pretty nice. It makes it easy to embed an entire playlist of videos (from some you’ve uploaded or added as a favorite), and you can even have it show the playlist along side the video so that people can easily navigate between them. This is actually really useful for when videos are broken up into a series because each video wouldn’t have to be embedded separately. If you decide to choose the standard-looking player, which I used above, users can navigate between the different videos using the thumbnails at the bottom which normally represent the related videos.

It will be interesting to see what route Google decides to take on this, and it really has me wondering whether users would be able to completely customize the theme later on. I guess that could be one of the perks for the corporate users though.

And if you haven’t seen the "Quick Change Artists" video that I embedded check it out. It’s pretty cool, although I can’t quite figure out how they do it.

Source: Google Operating System