Google Checkout

Today is Cyber Monday and that means it is time for you to get some great deals on the Internet. The Google Blog just announced the special deal that they are doing with select merchants where you can receive $20 off if you purchase more than $50 in products and you pay using Google Checkout. It is undoubtedly a great deal but I was only able to find and Starbucks offering that discount. Google doesn’t specifically say which merchants have the $20 off so you have to check each one individually. I went through most of their top merchants (around 15 stores) to find some of the ones that were offering the discount and it was a pain because most of them didn’t advertise the deal until you added an item to your cart and went to checkout. I took screenshots of the Google Checkout buttons I found along the way and those are pictured above.

Cyber Monday Google isn’t the only one offering some money saving deals today either. Best Buy, Staples, Home Depot, and Walmart all have special pages setup just to promote their sales. As far as amazing electronics deals go I haven’t found much but Staples does have a 500GB Maxtor hard drive for $170, which is about $30 below the lowest on PriceGrabber.

There are a few things that I have noticed several merchants putting on sale for the holiday season that I haven’t seen in previous years:

  • Digital picture frames – I have seen these things on sale all over the place from stores like Staples, Best Buy, and even Target. They are finally getting to a reasonable price since they can be bought for less than $80. 
  • Memory Cards/Flash Drives – Both of those are super hot this holiday season and also super cheap! 2GB flash drives will only cost you $20 to $30 and some stores have had 1GB drives for less than $10.
  • GPS units – I have never seen these in-car GPS units so cheap!  Some of them are as low as $150 but you can get some of the nicer ones for around $300. A few months ago these things were going for $500 – $600. There are still some of the high-end ones that are priced that high but most of these have dropped significantly.

Those are the few things that I have seen most stores carrying this year. Cheap laptops are a hot item but they are every year so that isn’t anything surprising for me. Have you noticed any other trends this year?