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How It All Began…

Microsoft Windows is obviously the most used operating system and sometimes we may take for granted how far computers have come. Each time a new version of Windows is released we compare it to the previous version and with the upcoming release of Vista everyone likes to say “what’s different from XP?”

Maybe that isn’t the question that should be asked. Instead how about we take a look back at a few of Microsoft’s past operating systems to see how far things have really come! I am just going to cover a few of the different versions of Windows but if you would like to see more screenshots make sure you check them out InfoSattelite.

 –Windows 1.0–

What was wrong with Windows 1.0? It had everything and you can see that in the screenshot below: Calendar, Calculator, file explorer, and so much more! I don’t see anything different from Vista. I mean look at the killer drop-shadow on the calculator! That is some 3D eye-popping madness! :)

Windows 1.0


–Windows 3.11–

Holy cow Batman! We can drag windows around and customize their size until we plead insanity. Lets also not forget about the sweet Minesweeper, Solitaire and Hearts! Windows 3.11 was sheer bliss.

Windows 3.11


–Windows 95–

Yes, the Start Menu that we have all come to know and love is over 10 years old. It had its celebrity debut back in Windows 95…along with the adorable “Did you know” tips. You know why they don’t include the tips like the one shown? Simple…it would actually have to be revised to say

If you don’t know how to do something, you can look it up in the Help. After you have looked for a few hours and still don’t find the answer just go do a search on Google. The answer to your problem will be the first result because we can guarantee that thousands of other people have had the same issue. We’ll fix it in the next version of Windows…I promise!

Windows 95


–Windows Vista–

Windows Vista is going to be the latest operating system from Microsoft and is scheduled to be released to consumers in January of 2007. For those people who are heavy drinkers you probably won’t notice much of a difference because I’m sure you already have transparent affects on whatever operating system you use. ;)

Just like Windows XP, Vista has a revolutionary activation system that is nearly impossible to crack (of course by impossible I mean it takes a few hours).



Ahh, what a look back. I apologize for the satirical nature of this post but I couldn’t help but recall some of the experiences that I have had over the years. The good and the bad, Windows was there through it all and was often the cause of the bad. Lost reports, corrupt hard drives, and we can’t forget about the blue screen of death. Sure there was a lot of good things that it did for me I just don’t remember those. :D

I would love to hear about any funny experiences that you have had in the past with any operating system. I’m talking about those times where you were about to pickup your monitor and chuck it out the window. If you own a computer you know what I’m talking about.