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How It All Began…

Every now and then it is fun to take a look back at what Web sites looked like when they first started. This is made possible thanks to the Way Back Machine. So why don’t we take a stroll back to 1996 and take a look at what Dell looked like.

Dell Homepage 1996


When I first saw the homepage the first thing that I remembered was the low monitor resolutions that were available. The site was obviously optimized to fit a 640×480 resolution so that the user wouldn’t have to scroll horizontally.

I chose to checkout those “Dependable notebooks with superior battery life” next. Man, this Latitude is really decked out with the 133MHz Pentium Processor, 12X CD-ROM, and best of all it has 64K colors:

Dell Latitude 1996


Okay, so the laptops are always a little less powerful than the desktops. That was definitely true because you could get a 233MHz Pentium with 2 USB ports on a desktop! ZIP drives were the “in” thing back then and it was an optional component for these high-end beasts:

Dell Dimension XPS 1996


Let’s not forget about those gamers out there. They would want to buy the “Powerful Full-Featured Desktop with Cutting-Edge Pentium II Processors,” right? Rolling in at 266MHz and an 8MB video card these things would surely satisfy the hunger for power. After all, if you can splurge on one of these babies “You’ll get blazing-fast 3D performance as well as stunning multimedia.” *drool*

Dell Dimension PII 1996


The good old days. Looking back really makes you appreciate the 3GHz machines that we can buy now at the 233MHz prices from back then! However, they don’t seem any faster because the applications are more resource intensive. :D